Commercial Refinishing & Resurfacing Services in Canton, MI

We have the equipment, team, and experience to handle all refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing needs for large commercial rehab projects.

Commercial Tile Resurfacing Canton MI | - Surface Solutions - sinksProperty managers, the hospitality industry, and institutions of all types save thousands every year by using our resurfacing services to maintain a high quality appearance for their properties, and avoid the expense and hassles of full rehabs.

What's more, resurfacing a bathtub and other fixtures will help to avoid future deterioration of those fixtures. Rehabbers can save big on their projects by refinishing fixtures and counter-tops that may only have aesthetic defects. Minor job site damages can be repaired quickly and easily by Surface Solutions, LLC.
Surface Solutions, LLC has been in business and serving commercial interests for nearly fifteen years. We have done everything from helping out on large remodeling projects, to repairing small chips and dents that have occurred from tools being dropped.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Surface Solutions, LLC has completed some large rehab projects: 50 units at Eagles Landing Apartments in Troy consisting of kitchen and bath cabinets, kitchen and bath counters in Stone Fleck, bathtubs and surrounds. We also completed an update at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham consisting of spraying 50 bathtubs and installing non-slip bath mats in an additional 60 bathtubs.

Other Companies We Service:

  • Burton Carol Mgmt.
  • Edward Rose Properties
  • Singh
  • Village Green
  • Amurcon/Silverman
  • Habitat
  • Lautrec
  • GFI Management
  • Berger Realty
  • Huntington Management
  • Recon Enterprise
  • Standard Construction
  • Burton Share
  • Marquette Mgt.
  • Beacon Mgt.
  • Berger Realty
  • Empirian
  • Hartman and Tyner
  • Hayman Co,
  • Princeton
  • Kaftan

We also service many other private owners and real estate professionals. We currently service about 200 apartment complexes throughout Metro Detroit. If your company is interested in establishing a working relationship, we will be happy to accommodate you in any way possible.

We offer resurfacing and refinishing for countertops, tubs, and tile to business owners, and property managers in Canton and throughout the Metro Detroit area. Call us today at (734) 455 - 0200 with any questions or use our online contact form to get a fast response from a member of our team.