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Commercial Tile and Tub Resurfacing Services in Livonia, MI

At Surface Solutions, we transform your commercial space with top-notch tile and tub resurfacing services. We deliver exceptional results and outstanding customer service with every job we take on. Projects range from small, single tub and tile renovations to large-scale projects for commercial properties, including apartments, condos, and hotels.

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Enhance Your Tenant's Experience with Tub and Tile Upgrades

We elevate the customer experience by offering top-notch tub and tile resurfacing. Upgrade your tenant's bathroom and transform outdated, worn, or stained surfaces into a stunning, refreshed space that feels like new.

Our expert technicians utilize high-quality, durable materials to ensure long-lasting results and customer satisfaction. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to customize your bathroom's look.

Our eco-friendly process minimizes waste, offering a sustainable solution for your renovation needs. With minimal downtime and a cost-effective approach, we guarantee a rejuvenated bathroom that exceeds you and your customer's expectations.

Benefits of Commercial Resurfacing

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Non-slip surface
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extends bathtub life
  • Long-lasting solution
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Experience Matters with Commercial Resurfacing Jobs

When hiring a company for a resurfacing job in Michigan, you want a seasoned contractor that has specific experience with commercial properties. Surface Solutions has been working with business owners for over two decades.

We can take on simple projects with small businesses or work on high-end projects with larger enterprises and corporations.

We've completed significant renovations, including an update at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, spraying 50 bathtubs, and installing non-slip bath mats in an additional 60. Business owners trust us to deliver exceptional results that enhance their brand and customer relationships. 200 bathtubs and surrounds were sprayed at a senior apartment complex. 

Commercial FAQs

What Type of Businesses do you Typically Work With?

We work with a wide range of commercial properties, including hotels, apartments, duplexes, and condominiums.

Can Any Type of Tile or Tub be Resurfaced?

Most types of tiles and tubs can be resurfaced, including ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, and cast iron. However, there may be some limitations based on the specific material or condition. It's best to consult with a professional resurfacing company to determine if your tiles and tubs can be resurfaced.

How Long Does the Resurfacing Process Take?

The resurfacing process for each job or room typically takes 1 to 2 days, depending on the size and condition of the tiles and tubs. This includes the time needed for cleaning, repair, and drying.

How Long Does the New Surface Last?

With proper care and maintenance, a resurfaced tile or tub can last for 10 to 15 years or more. The durability of the new surface will depend on the quality of the materials and workmanship, as well as how well the surface is maintained.

What Colors and Finishes are Available for Resurfacing?

A wide variety of colors and finishes are available, including solid colors, and faux stone. This allows you to match your existing décor or create a completely new look.

Simple Three-Step Process

Decide What You Want

Decide What You Want

You work with our team of experts to decide what renovations are right for you. We’ll upgrade your bathrooms to fit your needs and wants.

Work Begins

Work Begins

We’ll get the renovations done quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively. Nothing but positives when working with Surface Solutions!



The finishing touches get put on your renovations. Not long after, you and your clients are able to enjoy the improvements.

Companies We Service

We also service many other private owners and real estate professionals. We currently service about 200 apartment complexes throughout Metro Detroit. If your company is interested in establishing a working relationship, we will be happy to accommodate you in any way possible.

  • Burton Carol Mgmt.
  • Singh
  • Amurcon/Silverman
  • Habitat
  • Lautrec
  • GFI Management
  • Berger Realty
  • Huntington Management
  • Recon Enterprise
  • Standard Construction
  • Burton Share
  • Marquette Mgt.
  • Beacon Mgt.
  • Hartman and Tyner
  • Hayman Co,
  • Princeton
  • Kaftan
  • Recon 
  • CSI Co-op 
  • Hilton
  • Marriott
Surface Solutions will Increase Your Property Value

Surface Solutions will Increase Your Property Value

Improving your business’s bathrooms without buying new tiles or tubs is a cost-effective way to increase your revenue. Your residents, guests, or customers will be happy to see that you offer clean and friendly restrooms. Don’t replace what can easily be resurfaced or reglazed! Call Surface Solutions today and let us put a plan of action in place for the renovation of your hotel, apartment complex, office park, or medical facility!