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Swift Bathtub Modification Service in Livonia & Metro Detroit

At Surface Solutions, we specialize in transforming your bathtub to a step in shower with our Clean Cut Bath tub modification services. Located in Livonia, Michigan, our team can modify the existing bathtub by cutting out a section of the tub and installing one of the insert options to make the height of the tub half what it is now. We can also install grab bars wherever needed in the tub/shower area. A glue down non-slip bathmat can be installed at this time also to prevent slip and falls. 

Photo of a bathtub with a door

Why Should I Modify My Tub Instead of Replace It?

Modifying your tub instead of replacing it can be a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and convenient solution. Upgrading certain features can significantly enhance safety, accessibility, and comfort without the need for a complete overhaul.

This approach saves time and labor costs associated with full replacements, while also reducing construction waste.

By opting for modifications, you can preserve the existing bathroom layout and aesthetics, while still making meaningful improvements that allow you to function in the home.


Benefits of Modernizing Your Bathtub

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Can add a non-slip glue down bathmat
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting solution
Photo of a bathtub grab bars

Bathtub Modification FAQs

What Types of Bathroom Modifications Do Elderly Homeowners Usually Have Done?

At Surface Solutions, our client's safety is our utmost priority. The common safety measures that we normally see taken with elderly homeowners are hand rails, step-in doors, and non-slip tub bottoms. Surface Solutions offers a variety of in-home bathroom modifications for our clients. Contact us today to find out more!

How Can You Make A Bathtub More Accessible?

Surface Solutions offers the Clean Cut Bath step-in bathtub solutions, permanent non-slip bathmats, and grab bars. A bathtub modification involves cutting a small section from the existing bathtub and installing one of the Clean Cut Bath steps. There is an open step which makes the tub only usable for showers or a convertible step which has a center piece that locks down so the tub can still be filled up.   

Are Bathtub Modifications Covered by Insurance or Medicare?

We do not bill or work directly with any insurance companies or Medicare.

How Can I Get Out of the Bathtub with Limited Mobility?

Our first answer is to always look at installing some grab rails if you don't have them already. Depending on mobility, it may require a couple of bathroom modifications to ensure the path in and out of the tub is no longer an issue.   

Bathtub Modifications Done Right

Bathtub hand bars photo

Choose Your Modifications

Tell us what kind of modifications you'd like. We'll help you choose a solution that works for your needs and advise you throughout the process.

Photo of rofessional bathroom refinishers

Work is Done

We'll cover your bathroom to protect other fixtures and get to work installing your new bathroom upgrades!

Photo of an owner washing his hands in the bathtub faucet.

Enjoy Your New Tub

We’ll add any finishing touches and clean up around the area so that you can start relaxing in your upgraded tub!

We Offer Multiple Tub Modification Options Based on Your Needs

Slip-Resistant Bottom | starting at...

Surface Solutions can apply a non-slip product to the bottom of your bathtub to prevent hazardous slip and fall accidents.

Permanent Non-Slip Bathmat | starting at...

A little more effective than a slip-resistant bottom, this white bathmat is "glued" to the bottom of your bathtub.

Convertible Step | starting at...

A convertible step includes a small door to the bathtub, allowing you to enclose it once inside fully.

Bathroom Step | starting at...

A step to your bathtub makes it easier to enter and exit.
It’s Your Bathtub, So Customize It

It’s Your Bathtub, So Customize It

Surface Solutions ensures that your bathtub modifications are tailored toward your exact wants and needs. If you’ve felt less safe in your bathroom after a recent injury or hospital stay, or if you’re worried that a slip and fall accident is only one shower away, consider modifying your bathroom for enhanced peace of mind and functionality. Call Surface Solutions today and let us get started.